IL2G15Score is a tool for the G15 Keyboard from Logitech, and the IL2 Forgotten Battles game from Maddox Games. It will show information from the game in the G15 LCD display while you play online. It works by reading the log file from the game, and updating the display when new data are available.

You can choose between three different "modes": Pilot stats, Top score and Chat.

IL2G15Score modes


The game will output your score to the log if you type user STAT in the console, or if you edit your rcu file to do it automatically at a given interval. This means the display will not be updated real time. For example, if you have a rcu file that makes the console to print your score at a ten second interval, the log could at most have fresh data at each ten second. But it does not necessarily write to the log file that often.

Since the game only output this kind of statistic when playing online, IL2G15Score will not be of any use offline (except when watching a .ntrk that was recorded in an online session).

IL2G15Score has been tested on a "merged install" (4.05m and 4.08m) of IL2/AEP/PF running on Windows XP and Windows Vista.


From version 2.0 IL2G15Score is released under the GNU General Public License. This means that the source code for this is also available.


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