Developer notes

IL2G15Score is released under the GNU General Public License. The source code can be downloaded here.


IL2G15Score is written in C++, using the Logitech G15 SDK and Qt library from Qt Software. The G15 SDK is delivered with your keyboard, and can also be downloaded here. Qt is available as a GPL download here.

How to build

The source is delivered with a Visual Studio 2005 project file. To use this you may have to adjust the paths to the dependency libraries to match with your setup. It should also be fairly easy to build using a Qmake .pro file.


By using the internationalization support in Qt, it is easy to change the language in the user interface and the LCD screen. The translation is done in the Qt Linguist application, based on a XML file created from the program source. Please contact me if you want to do a translation, and I will be happy create the XML file for the language you will translate for.