Frequently Asked Questions

The tool does only show my name and status, but score and other stats remain at zero?
Parser start and run, but the display only states "No stats gathered yet"?
Possible reasons:
  1. The game is not running, or is not connected to a server: IL2G15Score does not read old entries in the log file. When you start the parser, it skips through the log file, and waits for updates to the log.
  2. The updatestats script is not working so the stats is not written to the log. Check when you are in the game (connected to a server) that the STAT data is posted repeatedly to the console (use Shift+TAB to open the console).
How do I create the updatestats file?
This file can now be downloaded from this site here. Or you can use notepad to create a text file. Remember to save with exact same filename as you use in the rcu file. Refer to the instructions page for more details. Please note, this is not necessary with version 2.0 and newer versions of IL2G15Score.
Any chance of using it for the X52 or other devices with a LCD panel as well?
Is it possible to have this same info displayed on screen with a simple toggle on/off key for other users?
Below the LCD display there is four buttons which can be used to take input to the program. In IL2G15Score you can configure four pilots to monitor the stats for. Then you switch between which pilot you want to see with those buttons.
G15 buttons
Why is the game path written with Unix style forward slash, I'm on Windows!?
This tool uses the Qt toolkit from Trolltech, for GUI among other things. Qt is a cross platform toolkit, that lets you write C++ code that is possible to compile and use on different platforms (Linux, Windows ++). And Qt stores paths internally with forward slashes. If you are unsure about this, just use the Browse button and locate your game folder.
Does this work on the old/new blue/orange G15 keyboard?
As far as I know, it has only been tested on the first version (blue) of the keyboard. So I do not know if it will work on the new one. Would be happy to hear from anyone that tests it one the new version.
I want a reset button!
That would be nice. :-) At the moment the applet can always rely on the logfile, and this is just for simplicity. Maybe in a later version.
It is a huge delay from the event in the game until it is shown in the display?
The applet is dependent on what is written in the game logfile. And even if the Update interval settings is at for example 10 seconds, that does not guarantee that the game will output to the log every 10 seconds. There are two approaches for catching log updates, one timer based update based on the Update interval setting, and a "File system watcher" that monitors the logfile for changes.
Isn't this cheating?