The program is distributed as a zipped directory. Just unzip the downloaded file where you like, and it will create a directory called IL2G15Score. Start the program by running the IL2G15Score.exe file.

First time configuration

When the program is started for the first time, it will ask for some general settings. Most important is the location of your IL2 game directory. The other settings could be left as default. This dialog is also available later from the main GUI using the Settings button.

General settings

LCD Page configuration

The main GUI is organized around four "pages", where you can choose which information you want in each page. The four pages reflect the four buttons below the LCD display, so that you can switch between the different pages to view different information, see example below:

Page configuration

Here am I watching my own Pilot stats in the first page, the stats of my friend in the second page, Top score in the third page, and Chat in the last page.

Pilot stats

Pilot stats page 1

With this page type you can watch various stats from the game about one pilot. Type in the pilots name (callsign), and click Configure to choose which stats you want to see.

Stats configuration

The categories are organized as two pages, with six on each. Switch between them by pressing the button of the current page.

Top score

This will show the current top score on the server. Press the button of this page to switch between seeing the three best, to see the three next in the list.

Top score page

You can choose between the following stat categories for this page:

The top score stats are reset each time a new mission is loaded.


Shows chat from the game.

Chat page

Choose Configure to add filtering rules to the chat page.

Chat configuration

Game configuration

The game need to be configured to write the score to the game log. In addition, to get the log updated while playing, the rcu file need to be edited. From version 2.0 of IL2G15Score this is done automatically. The changes are shown below:



rcu file
@file updatestats
updatestats file

This file is created in your game directory.
user STAT
timeout 10000 file updatestats


With the configuration done, hit the start button, and the program will try to open the game log file and start updating the LCD display. If everything is OK, you should see Page 1. Change page with the buttons below the LCD display. To stop the LCD applet, just hit the Stop button.

Usually you will want to start IL2G15Score first, then the game. But it is also possible to Alt+Tab out from the game, to start and stop the logging, change pilot names etc.


To uninstall just delete the directory, no registry settings or environment variables are touched. But, you will also have to revert your game conf.ini and rcu files to its previous state, since this program will modify them.