October 8, 2008: Released version 2.1
News in this version:

  • Added French translation
  • Improved internationalization support
  • Fixed bug in Rocket hit ratio
  • Fixed linking problem that made the program refuse to start for some users
June 23, 2008: Updated download and FAQ
Some have had problems where the program would not start. I have updated the download with a new .dll that might fix the problem.
June 11, 2008: Released version 2.0
News in this version:

  • More configurable pilot stats LCD page, where you can choose from more stat categories than the previous version
  • Two pages per pilot let you have more categories (press the same button twice to change page)
  • Top score page, to see for example who has the best Air hit % on the server
  • Possibility to view chat lines from the game in the LCD display
  • Automatic configuration of the game (no more manual text file editing)
  • Prepared for localization, so new languages can easily be added

Download here.
August 21, 2007: Released version 1.1
This is a bug fix release, fixing a problem when using IL2G15Score with French and German versions of the game. The problem was in the parser code, that made the tool output anything but your name and flying status, while all other stats like score, bullets etc. remained zero.
August 21, 2007: Site updates
Added a FAQ and a news section. Updated the About page with links to other applets, and acknowledgements.
August 21, 2007: Changed recommended conf.ini settings
The line LOGKEEP=1 in the conf.ini file makes the game keep the log file, and just add to the end each time the game runs. When using the updatestats script the file will grow very quickly, and get very large. If you do not have any specific reason to keep the log file between each session, I would recommend to change this to LOGKEEP=0. Thanks to Widowmaker214 for the suggestion.
July 29, 2007: Fixed typo in description
The line timeout 10000 file updatestats was missing the last s in updatestats, which made the script not work.